Community Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7 pm at Fire Station #108 - 8073 E Big Cottonwood Road

Everyone is invited to attend !  Click below for Agendas and Meeting Notes.

  JANUARY 2019       FEBRUARY 2019          MARCH 2019             APRIL 2019

        MAY 2018                          JUNE 2018                            JULY(no meeting)                      AUGUST 2018

   SEPTEMBER 2018               OCTOBER 2018                   NOVEMBER 2018                    DECEMBER (no meeting)


Welcome to Big Cottonwood Community Council

Big Cottonwood Canyon has been a scenic gathering place since pioneer days. Currently, visitors number around 2 Million annually.  It's the largest watershed in Salt Lake Valley, covering 50 sq. miles, and furnishing about 18% of the valley's water.  Sparkling mountain water reaches home faucets in 24 hours, with no intermediate storage reservoir.  Some water storeage is provided by snow...about 500 inches each year, which yields 27 inches of water (the valley gets about 16 inches of water yearly).  It's the cleanest water of any source in the area, and canyon water companies have won several BEST WATER IN UTAH awards.  The U.S. Forest Service supervises 80% of the land in the canyon; 20% is private land stretching back to pioneer homesteads and old mining claims.  There are about 800 homes, with 80% being seasonal cabins.   Two favorite ski resorts, Brighton and Solitude, provide a casual, family-friendly flavor to the canyon.